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Did the dinosaurs have a fast-growth weapon in their adaptive arsenal? (animatronic dinosaur factory)Did Tyrannosaurus rex grow to breeding weight in five years? Was part of the reason dinosaurs enjoyed such unchal-lenged dominance throughout the Mesozoic that they bred earlier and bred faster? A most intriguing question. Genuine mammals were present during that time and were potential ecological threats as their later development demonstrates. (dinosaur factory)But mammals never did evolve to large size until after the dinosaurs had died out. Maybe the dinosaurs were just too good at growing quickly?


How can the dinosaurs' growth be measured? An accurate estimate can be derived from the texture of fossil bone. A thin slice can be cut from a fossil-bone chip and glued to a glass plate. It can then be ground so thin that light shines through. The slice under the microscope will allow an observer to see precisely how the bone crystals were arranged as the bone grew. (dinosaur costume)This transparent thin section, as it is called, is standard today for analyzing the structure of the widest variety of hard natural substances rocks, metals, sin gle crystals, and bone from living species. Geologists originated the thinsection technique in the 1830s, and it wasn't long before paleontologists took it over for fossils. Since bones grow by adding crystals of mineral, the microtexture of bone indicates how fast the body grew.

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