High quality adult dinosaur costume for stage show performance

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I am now sharing one cooperation with one of my South Africa clients, who ordered three adult dinosaur costumes for the stage show performance, it turns out to be a great success with three pcs dinosaur costumes.

At first, the client named David just expected to order one of the walking dinosaur costumes, and required to be as realistic as possible, the shape with the skin texture will be according to the model of BBC costume, and the colors will be darker(maybe because of their local complexion).

dino costume factory

Check carefully on the head of the dinosaur costume, the teeth is made from the silicon rubber/glass cement, rather than the normal fiberglass or sponge materials, and the eyes are specially handled, it is with more layers on the eye ball.

Handmade dinosaur costume

It will be perfect with the pants suit when making the performance on street or stage, which is provided by my company as accessories, I will keep the blog posted all the time, and share the following two dinosaur costumes on the stage show, please just wait for the update.

Adult dinosaur costume