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Several cel-like tetrapods swam about in the early Carboniferous swamps and deltas, making little use of their newly evolved four legs. They would have swum by lateral undulations of the body, stabilized by the tiny limbs. Greererpetoti was one, discovered in the vicinity of Greer, in West Virginia, and more recently found as jaw fragments in Illinois, USA. Several specimens are known, showing different sizes and ages of individuals, the youngest being about a quarter of the size of the adults. Walking Dinosaur Costume


Features:Greererpeton has a broad flat head, a short neck and a long body and tail. The head is about a quarter of the length of the body and the back has about 40 vertebrae – twice as many as is found in contemporary amphibians. There appears to be no ear structure, but instead the skull has open grooves that may indicate the presence of a lateral line sensory system like that used by fish for sensing prey underwater. Animatronic Dinosaur


Left: Greererpeton evidently reverted to an aquatic way of life soon after its ancestors left the water and came out on to land.