Gigantic species as Tynannosourus rex

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The time-honored misunderstanding of predatory dinosaur limb action is exacerbated by such gigantic species as Tynannosourus rex. Animatronic dinsoaur Animals of great dimensions are supposed to need straight-jointed, columnar limbs to support their bulk. After all, elephants do. Smaller theropods might have more flexed, running knees and ankles, but sometimes even they are portrayed otherwise.


The first thing to note about theropod limbs and their joints is that they are all very alike, regardless of size. From the giant tyrannosaurs to the swift, small ostrich-mimics, the similarity is especially striking (Realistic dinosaur costume). A basic engineering rule is that structures that are built the same w6{, function the sarne way. So, whatever the grant species were doing with their limbs, the small ones were doing too! All theropod femora were more or less curve-shafted, yet so strong is the belief that big animals musf have straight femora that it has been said that ?. rex was this way, when it most certainly was not.