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Since a long time about 30 days manufacturing, the couple of dinosaurs containing one fire dragon which can spraying smog specially required for stage, one western dragon suit monster dragon nadder and another Raptor costume with furs around the head, now relative fruitful photos are shared as below:


dinosaurs (4)


Our professional custom team builds animatronic Dinosaurs blink, moves, runs, ROARS and their tails even sways from side to side! They look and sound like they’ve really come back to life, in fact our dinosaurs are so life like someone once called animal control. Despite their fearsome appearances, our Dinosaurs are friendly (most of the time), but BEWARE they also like a bit of exercise and have been known to chase down their prey! RUN!




All the kids loved it and had a great time. It was fun, exciting, and educational all wrapped up in one, and we do highly recommend those kinds of dinosaurs to everyone! Celebrating your special events and parties is a seriously out of this world experience, your guests will be amazed by this unique and thrilling interactive performance.


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