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The vertebrate fossils are called the “Dragon Bones” in China.


The vertebrate fossils are called the “Dragon Bones” in China.

The history of dinosaur exploration in China can be divided into four periods. Dinosaur costume During first period, dated back to 1902 through 1928, some missionaries and several scientific teams included mainly western scholars of the Central Asiatic Expedition of American Museum ( 1922 ~ 1930 ) and the Sino- Swedish Expedition ( 1927 ~ 1935 ) .


The second period began in 1928, when Yang Zhongjian ( C. C. Young ) , S. T. Chang, and Gon-mu Wang returned to China after they completed their studies in vertebrate paleontology in Germany. They were first professionally educated Chinese paleontologists and spread their knowledge and experience to others. Among them, it was C. C. Young, who had accomplished the most for the Chinese paleontology. Starting 1929, he directed his research interests to studies of fossil reptiles ( Psitacosaurus Young, 1931 ) , with a particular focus on excavations of dinosaur bones in the Lufeng Basin. His work laid the foundation for the Chinese Dinosaurology. The third period took part between 1949 and 1979. During that period, Chinese dinosaurs were mainly collected at places such asthe Shandong Peninsula, Sichuan Basin, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang. Based on new findings, numerous dinosaur taxa were described including Mamenchisaurus , Tsintaosaurus , Omeisaurus , Toujiangosaiirus , Shunosaums, and Shantungosaurus.

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