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dinosaurs were cold-blooded reptiles


Paleontology's treatment of the evidence from bone texture is an example of what I call the "harrumph-and-amen" syndrome. (dinosaur factory)Enlow and Brown and others pointed to many dinosaurs with a warm-blooded type of bone texture, and the orthodoxy snorted, "Harrumph all that means nothing."(dinosaur manufacturers) But when a few growth rings were discovered in dinosaurs, then orthodoxy responded with a fervent "Amen, we knew it all the time dinosaurs were cold-blooded reptiles."


A piece of fossil bone is rich in textural meaning a labyrinth of canals left by blood vessels, a three-dimensional basketwork of crystals, a diary of the animal's life written in the layers of mineral fabric. (Dinosaur costume)Good times and bad are written there, seasons of plenty and seasons of drought. These ancient diaries can be opened and the stories of dinosaur lives read, their youthful exuberance in growth, the pulse of blood flow in maturity. Ever since the 1830s these diaries have been telling the scientific community about dinosaurs' growth and their life style. And the message is clear not the story of one or two isolated cases, but the chronicle of whole dynasties.(animatronic dinosaur factory) Defenders of orthodoxy may quibble over a growth ring here or an isolated Haversian canal there. But the overall point cannot be ignored. Dinosaurs grew mammal-fashion; they grew fast and bred early. And their dynamic approach to quick maturity must have been one of the most powerful weapons in their adaptive arsenal.

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