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dinosaurs’ role in plant evolution nearly completely


How did flowering plants begin to win this unchallenged hegemony? (lifelike dinosaur)Whatever the story, dinosaurs must have had a hand in it because the earliest angiosperms sprouted up in a landscape dominated by dinosaur plant-eaters. And they remained the major outside factor for plants all through the first forty million years of the angiosperms' evolution. But, for no apparent reason, modern science has ignored the dinosaurs' role in plant evolution nearly completely.


Paleobotanists theorize about new insect groups which might have coevolved with the flowers in Late Cretaceous times. (real size dinosaur)Mammal paleontologists assert that Cretaceous mammals, no matter how tiny and unimportant, made a major impact on the evolution of angiosperm fruits, nuts, and leaves. But hardly anyone has argued for the interaction of Cretaceous dinosaurs with the plants that fed them—an extraordinary oversight, considering the dinosaurs were the only herbivores large enough to gobble an entire flowering shrub in one gulp or strong enough to push an an-giosperm tree so as to get at the tender young leaves at the top.


The consistent neglect of the dinosaurs' potential role in the evolution of plants is one of the most pernicious examples of the orthodoxy that relegates the dinosaurs to what amounts to an evolutionary sideshow, a menagerie of irrelevant dead ends that can be ignored so far as any large implications are concerned.(animatronic dinosaur costume) Today, large herbivores can change the structure of the flora overnight. Rhinos and elephants can level acacia groves and rapidly crop down thickets, converting dense African bushland into open woodland. In the early nineteenth century, the American buffalo kept pushing back the boundary between prairie and forest by its intensive grazing on seedlings. Surely fourton nodosaurs and threeton iguanodonts did the same in the Early Cretaceous system.

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