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Although the study of dinosaurs in Asia began a century ago, animatronic dinosaur supplier fundamental investigations were made during the second half of the 20th century, particularly within the last 25 years. With regard to number of described genera and species, Asia is getting very close to that aspect of North America. This is not surprising as dinosaurs have been intensively collected on that continent for more than a century. One the other hand, dinosaurs were discovered in Asia soon after, and have become thoroughly studied in Mongolia and China.


In recent years, the study of dinosaurs has also attracted researchers in Thailand, Japan, and Korea. animatronic dinosaur The latest discoveries of feathered dinosaurs have brought a great attention of specialists and public audience to the north-eastern regions of China. It is expected that more dinosaur researchers will get involved in exploration of the regions, and the day when number of Asian dinosaurs surpasses that of the North American ones is just to come.

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