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dinosaur comes from the Greek for “terrible lizard”


dinosaur comes from the Greek for "terrible lizard"


The word dinosaur comes from the Greek for "terrible lizard," but despite their name, dinosaurs are not really lizards at all. Rather, they are members of the animal group called archosaurs. Living archosaurs are crocodilians and birds. The extinct flying "reptiles" or pterosaurs, which flew on batlike wings, are also in this bunch. Realistic Animatronic Dinosaur All archosaurs descended from the earliest archosaur group, the rather crocodile-like thecodonts of the Triassic Period. Usually, archosaurs are considered reptiles, but some of us progressive tylres think they are too different from reptiles to be called that. Hence, the reader will find that I never refer to dinosaurs as reptiles, but as archosaurs. Predatory dinosaurs came in three basic types-paleodinosaurs, herreravians, and theropods. The first two, which were four-toed, were limited in success. The theropods, which had three toes, were much more numerous and longer lasting; among the better known genera are Tlronnosourus, Allosourus, Coelophysrs, Velociroptor, and Ornithomimus. Sporting a birdlike motif, this great group lasted from the Triassic Period to the end of the Mesozoic. Although they varied much in size and detail, they were all quite uniform and unmistakable in basic design. Realistic dinosaur costume Their heads were deep and narrow, and while most were toothed predators, a few were beaked herbivores. Their necks were strongly S-curved, and their short trunks were counterbalanced by long tails. They were always bipedal, and had birdlike hind limbs with flexed knees and drumstick shanks. In particular, take note of the birdlike hind foot, with its three loadbearing toes. Small species may have been feathered, big ones scaled, and all were marked by hornlets and ridges on their heads.

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