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Digging Dinosaurs in China


Digging Dinosaurs in China

All vertebrate fossil remains used to be called “Dragon Bones” in China. Therefore, it is not surprising to find the fossil bones or their powder as an essential component of the Chinese herbal medicine. Dragon” in the Chinese mythology represents the symbol of a powerful, - fearsome, rain and wind controlling ruler of the heaven and the earth animatronic dinosaur.


The Chinese emperors looked at themselves as sons of the Dragon, or dragons in human body, animatronic dinosaur for sale  the only ones who are destined to rule the empire.


On top of that, the Chinese people think themselves as being descendants of the Dragon, and are very proud of this heritage.


In ancient Chinese literature, many writings refer to dragons.


However, as far as references to dinosaur bones are concerned, it is the book of “Hua Yang Guo Zhi” by the Western Jin Dynasty ( 265 - 371 AD) , that speaks of dinosaurs. It says: Outside the Wu-c.heng County (in the Sichuan Province; currently named as San-tai County ) , there is a river to Ba- han (currently located in the eastern Sichuan and Han-zhong area of the Shenxi Province ) , where dragon bones were found. The legend further says: “Dragon flew up of mountains. However, the heaven gate was closed at the time. The dragon could not enter the heaven and fell down to the earth, died and was buried. So, when digging, dragon bones become exposed, for example as those found in the read rocks of the San-tai County in the northern Sichuan area. As we know nowdays, these “dragon bones” actually belonge to dinosaurs.

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