Customized monster models, realistic and lifelike creatures.

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Customized monster models, realistic and lifelike creatures.


Apart from making diverse models of animatronic dinosaurs our company is also engaged in all kinds of animals and monsters, recently required by one of the domestic clients, who demands to make some special customized monsters with lifelike movements, even though it is hard to tell the names of the animatronic animals, but they are really special that everyone come and take pictures with the monsters.



Those monsters are just finished the paintings, so the technicians have a basic testing on the movements, and we do find there are still some improvements needing to be done to upgrade, such as the wings, we should have designed the movements of flapping, which can make the whole products much more special, and the video will be shared soon later.


By the way, can anyone tell the names of each monster? Reply me back at email:




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