Cross-sectional areas of the body scale to mass

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Cross-sectional areas of the body scale to mass , andsince metabolic rates must flow over these cross-sectional areas, physiologically similar animals should then scale their energetics to this exponent. Animatronic dinosaur costume This applies to endotherms and ectotherms alike, so their metabolic rates should never converge. The very basis of the bulk endothermy concept is contradicted by the living reptiles that are supposed to practice it.


Alternately, the Komodo monitor’s low P/P ratio has been taken as evidence that the dinosaur’s equally low P/P ratios are as compatible’ilrith a slow lizard-like metabolism as with a fast one. But a closer look shows that the Komodo monitor’s scarcity really tells us little about its physiology, for three reasons. Dinosaur costume First, much as the big mammalian carnivores have declined under human pressure, Komodo monitors have had to share their islands with humans for many millennia. Almost certainly this has been to their detriment. Indeed, they have been considered a borderline endangered species. Secondly, it is questionable whether these biglizards are as effective at hunting mammals as are big canids and cats. So their populations may be low anyway. Lastly, Auffenberg makes a big mistake in not taking into account the many packs of feral dogs that fight with the monitors over carcasses. Since the dogs eat much of the available dead meat, they hopelessly contaminate the P/P ratto, and cloud the meaning of the Komodo’s portion of it. Not only that, but the dog packs, which came in with humans, may contribute to suppressing the Komodo monitors themselves, especially by harassing the youngsters. animatronic dinosaur