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Bipedal dinosaurs are represented


Bipedal dinosaurs are represented by more tracks—hundreds altogether so a few tracks might conceivably capture a moment of high speed.(dinosaur model) And a few two-legged trackways do provide such proof. Several medium-sized, fifty-pound to half a ton bipedal predators have left long-striding tracks which compute to speeds of twenty, thirty, or even forty miles per hour.


Narrow tracks, swinging shoulders, stout-shafted limbs that bounced at every stroke—all these bits of modern evidence agree with the lively restorations drawn for Marsh and Cope way back in the 1890s. (big size dinosaur)Cope had a painting made of Dryptosaurus, showing a pair of the giant meat-eaters excavated from the phosphate mines of New Jersey.


Cope's dryptosaurs were portrayed in violent locomotor exercise. One was flung on its back, hind legs lashing out in claw-tipped defensive strokes; the other was painted in midleap, its great hind legs having propelled its body far above the ground. (life like dinosaur)A good painting, far more faithful to the real structure of dinosaur locomotion than the shuffling reconstructions popular in most or thodox textbooks today. Speed and vigor were the way of the dinosaurs, multiton monsters able and ready to break into a fast-paced charge whenever necessary. The Mesozoic was life in the behemoth fast lane.

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