Bipedal dinosaur was running very fast

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This is what makes a set of Early Jurassic footprints from Arizona especially intriquinge Made by a small theropod or ornithopod, Walking dinosaur costume the prints indicate that a 10-kg bipedal dinosaur was running very fast, with a stride approaching 4 m and a speed of about 40 mph, the speed of greyhounds and racehorses (Animatronic Dinosaur).And why not? Theropods were built like birds, and so should have run about as well too. This trackway is a real headache for those who want even the small, gracile dinosaurs to be slower th?rn birds and mammals-enough to inspire convoluted attempts to explain it away as the traces of an incredibly longlimbed theropod.


What about big theropods? All their footprints show a walking gait. Realistic dinosaur costume The Halsteads point to a GIen Rose trackway as proof that this was their top They reason that since the theropod was following a brontosaur, it must have been going as fast as it could. However, the theropod appears to have weighed about 2 tonnes, the brontosaur 20. That the lone theropod had serious plans to attack an animal ten times its size is not likely.