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Big theropods were not true predators


I am amazed and perplexed at continuing claims that the big theropods were not true predators, but scavengers instead. This unfortunate idea seems to have started tn l9l7 with Lawrence Lambe's observation that the teeth of big theropods did not show slgns of wear near their tips. He thought this meant they fed strictly on soft rotting meat. However, in dinosaurs the teeth were continuatly and rapidly replaced, like in lizards and crocs, animatronic dinosaur and this kept most of the working teeth new and unworn. I say most, because theropod teeth in fact are corrunonly worn down. A corollary belief is that large theropods were too big and too slow to actively hunt-a rather strange observation since those who argue big theropods were slow usually think that the herbivorous dinosaurs were even slower! In reality, the the ropod's long, powerful, and very birdlike limbs were built to do the same thing that bird limbs do-run fast. The speed issue is further explored .


During 1983, walking dinosaur costume Chris McGowen contrasted the lack of good binocular vision (in which the eyes face forward and provide an overlapping image) in theropods with its high development in predatory mammals. But this argument does not mean much. Predatory lizards do fine without forward-facing eyes, and a number of theropods did have good binocular vision.

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