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Attraction Dinosaur


Attraction Dinosaur T-REX model


So more and more zoos, parks and even amusement park use the animatronic dinosaurs to be one of the symbol to attract visitors, more and more people get known the dinosaur, like animatronic T-Rex, it is one representative attraction dinosaur.






Like CistecephaluSy Diictodon was a burrowing dicynodont. Recent work done by Corwin Sullivan and his associates at Harvard suggests that the tusks were only present in the males, indicating that they may have had a display function. Full skeletons have been found curled up in their burrows where they died.


Features: Although Diictodon was one of the first of the dicynodonts to evolve, it already has all the specializations of the group. The tusks are there and also the beak. Also present is a notch in front of the tusks that seems to have been used for holding and snipping stems, presumably of the ubiquitous seed fern Glossopteris that formed the main part of the southern flora at the time. Bone structure shows that Diictodon was a fast-growmg animal in its youth. There were five sharp claws on each forefoot, used for digging.Diictodon seems to have had a good sense of smell.


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