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Artificial Dinosaur Model is widely used in dinosaur theme park, outdoor amusement park and large commercial plaza and other similar places, its production process shall be go through the steel skeleton production, transmission mechanism, muscle sculpture, skin lines, skin spray processing, those kinds of steps, then will be done by hands of our engineers. Artificial Dinosaur internal transmission mechanism can realize the dinosaur movements, such as: mouth open, wink, waving forelimbs, wagging head, shaking head, body ups and downs, with the shock of sounds,making the Artificial Dinosaur look lifelike.


Artificial Dinosaur


In recent years, with the economic upturn, there will hold a variety of exhibitions around the world, whether for popular science education or promotion, Animatronic Dinosaur Exhibition is undoubtedly one of your best choices. Image that a 20-meter-long Tyrannosaurus rex with a terrible mouth opening and snarling; almost four-storey long-necked brachiosaurus were spraying water, or a replica of the dinosaur skeleton unearthed, even the children riding and playing electric Dinosaur car, it will not only create a warm atmosphere of the event, but also release a variety of prominent advertising in this mysterious world of dinosaurs, which makes marketing becomes a very simple.


Outdoor animatronic dinosaur exhibition Indoor animatronic dinosaur exhibition


All Kinds of Artificial Dinosaur can be Customized.

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