Artificial dinosaur costumes – hid legs dinosaur costume

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All the costumes in the Halloween are artifical, and many people will think of different and new design on the costumes, then act to make the costumes, for example, the artificial dinosaur costumes, which now is one kind of popular dinosaur costume, the foreigners will order and import the artificial dinosaur costumes from China, then can make everyone else astonished.


hid legs dinosaur costume


Artificial dinosaur costumes


The Halloween day is the tradition festival in each year on 1st November in Western countries, on October 31th, namely the Halloween Eve, people will put on a mask master in accordance with custom, wearing strange clothes look like dressed as ghosts. Everyone will be tempted, and then collectively organize a Halloween party.


Artificial hid legs dinosaur costume


dinosaur costume


Party in the night will be even more memorable. On the magnificent stage, some students wear the artificial dinosaur costumes, walking with the Halloween costumes, followed by other people. Look! They wear skull dress, dressed as vampires and ghosts, painted in a variety of paint on the face. The artificial dinosaur costumes are all painted white pigment, plus some red paint, then disheveled, almost like a female vampire.