Animatronic Walking Dinosaur Rides,Robotic Dinosaur Ride


Dinosaurs is born to be mysterious, both adults and children like them, benefits come from everywhere.

Come to tame these prehistoric beasts, you will be their master, become a brave dinosaur knight claiming the wild jungle wild hegemony!


Silicone rubber walking dinosaur rides


    Zigong Realdinosaur Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the specialized enterprises engaged in the research and development of animatronic dinosaur models and popularizing the electromechanical models. As early as the beginning of the establishment, we began to explore and apply the modern design, innovative materials, computer control system and other advanced technologies; no matter in the matter of computer-aided design, simulation sculpting, visual coloring and scene layout and other aspects of those simulation dinosaur models, we are intended to restore the basic principles of revivification truth and respect for science, finish each product in prudent attitude.


    We have developed and produced more than 100 kinds of dinosaur models, animal models of the shape in diverse specifications, such as animatronic dinosaurs, walking dinosaur rides, fighting dinosaur groups, dinosaur head entrance, gossip dinosaurs, wearable high simulation dinosaur costumes and other new products, widely praised by users! We have enough experience on business, technical and finance, to work with us, whether you are a direct customer or one of our agents, we will share with you!


Detailed parameters of walking dinosaur rides
 Product Name   Silicone rubber animatronic walking dinosaur rides (dinosaur amusement equipment).
 Power supply   Internal 12V or 24V high quality electric cars battery, sustainable work for more than 3 hours after being charged full.
 Appearance types   Dinosaurs walking in four legs like Triceratops, Styracosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Diplodocus, Parasaulosaurus.
 Product size   The length is usually about 2 to 4 meters, height from 1 to 1.5 meters, width in sizes of 0.5 to 0.8 meters; accept customization.
 Start mode   Optional remote control start (both press the remote control machine to start work) or coin start (both put into the game after the machine work).
 Principle of walking   The use of single-chip, motor and reducer with four-foot bionic mechanical movement, imitation of real reptile way of walking.
 Movement type   Mouth open and close, eyes blinking, head left and right, neck left and right, walking in four legs, tail wagging, stomach breathing, roaring.
 Material   High carbon steel frame, brushless motor, high quality reducer, high density artificial sponge, neutral weathering silicone rubber, oil paint, etc.
 Special custom   Can be customized such as: eye flashing with three-colors, mouth spray water and smoke, the body fitted with colored lights and other special effects.
 Delivery and warranty period   5 working days for walking dinosaur rides in regular requirements and sizes, warranty for one year, needing cost price after the maintenance period.
 Applicable occasions   Amusement parks, playgrounds, community square, school surroundings and other open spaces.


 dinosaur amusement equipmentDetailed parameters of walking dinosaur ridesArrangement of internal steel frame welding and electrical wiring

Shape carving and skin texture handlingSkin brush and colors painting

Factory test before deliveringanimatronic dinosaur rideswalking dinosaur rides




As more and more demands on the walking dinosaur rides, our company is engaged in upgrading the walking dinosaur rides, contributing to make the dinosaur much more attractive by modelling the shapes and painting bright colors, longer the run time in the operation period, make much flexible movements, provide more comfortable saddle when the kids riding on the dinosaurs.


The control mode can be coin operated, remote control, infrared sensor even swing card, among which the coin operated control mode is the most common used method, and there will be one operation desk if the animated dinosaurs are set by coin operated, then anyone can control the movements of the dinosaurs by pressing the buttons on the operation desk, normally there will be relative buttons on the operation desk corresponding to the numbers of the programmed movements.


What's more, the dinosaur riders can control the directions of moving forward, even can turning around by controlling the bridle or wheel on the dinosaurs, normally this will depend on the clients' requirements.


By the way, even the dinosaur rides are prepared with one or two stairs to help the kids to ride on, but when the walking dinosaur rides are moving with a series of movements, considering to protecting the safety of the kids, it will be better if the parents or adults can stay and stand beside the kids, because some of the dinosaur rides will be big and tall.

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