Animatronic Velociraptor costume walking with realistic western dragon suit

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As one of the biggest holidays(national day) is forthcoming, realdinosaur factory is engaged in finishing dozens of the dinosaur products, and delivering to the destinations of the customers, who are all waiting and expecting for using in the holiday events to make sufficient benefits, namely called for “golden September and silver October”, among of all the orders, there is one Velociraptor costume to Chicago and one walking dragon suit to Russia, all of which are finished yesterday and tested in realdinosaur before the transportation, what’s more, there will be several dinosaur costumes finished but not delivered yet.


Dinosaur fighting


This is the first time that one of the western dragon costume is fighting with one of the Jurassic raptor costume, which can be called the integration of western and eastern style, it is definitely happened in the real world, it is a historical moment, we recorded the videos and took the photos, and uploaded on the Youtube, you can find more details of the dragon costumes and Velociraptor costumes, now all of them are on the way to the warehouse of the forwarder, will be ready to set sail for the next schedule.


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