Animatronic dinosaur robotic scutosaurus for sale

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The name: Animatronic Scutosaurus for Dinosaur Adventure Park
Model: RAD-025
Categories: Animatronic Dinosaur

Description: Animatronic Scutosaurus — 4m long, 1.1m high

Product Description:
1. Animatronic Dinosaur Working voltage: 220/110vac 50/60hz
2. Animatronic Mode: Electricity control dinosaur
3. Production material: Inside motors and mechanical frame, outside custom silicone dinosaur
4. Standard: Mechancial test and send out factory
5. Useage: Mainly use for entertainemnt as recreation dinosaur equipment
6. Colors: Rule of restoring prehistoric dinosaur color
7. Shape: Rule of fine art and original dinosaur muscle proportion
8. Protection Equipment: Equipping fuse and relay to each control box that make it has self-protect function
9. Size: 4m long and 1.1m high

* Amusement park Animatronic dinosaurs decoration
* Amusement park Animatronic Animal Exhibition decoration
* Dinosaur Sculpture Life-sized
* Animatronic Dinosaur Alive
* Pneumatic Dinosaur Outdoor playground
* Artificial prehistoric dinosaur ankylosaurus model


robotic scutosaurus


animatronic dinosaur robotic scutosaurus for sale



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