Animatronic dinosaur costume Velociraptor

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Animatronic dinosaur costume Velociraptor, which is one of the 2016 new types with functions, like high power storage battery for longer operation and cooling fans in hot Summer, shoulder padding for better loading and integrated control system on only one box for all functions.




This dinosaur suit is made for realistic types, customized and required by the UK client, now this T-Rex costume is being in the process of making the textures and stripes, will be ready to be step into the process of brush coating, then finally being painted, and will be sent to Bristol next week.




In addition, any dinosaur costume will be provided with one of the hand puppet till Jan. 2017,  it is the giving activity for our new customers, and we will give the best prices with best shipping quotation from the cooperated ship-owning company as well.