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Does anyone remember what's the most touching and impressive in the film of Jurassic world? There is one answer that it is the several Raptors, who are the best聽costars, maybe the Raptors can be the most intelligent dinosaurs, because they can be tamed by human beings, and classify the condition to help the feeder, and help the carnivorous聽T-Rex against the final D-Rex, fortunately there is still one Raptor alive.


T-Rex model


Our factory has tried to copy the scene, this T-Rex is already finished, only need to install the big teeth, from the film description by the kid, the T-Rex owns more than 80 pcs teeth, which make the dinosaur to be strong enough, so we will be according to the fact, besides, the colors of the T-Rex and raptors are different, but the texture and gesture are definitely similar, it is so forceful by growl and howl to the sky, remember the last scene?


T-Rex dinosaur


They are in the group of large number of dinosaurs, they are very afraid of the T-Rex dinosaurs, obviously,聽you can be personally on the scene when you step in the scene.



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