Amusement ride animal scooter coin operated cartoon dinosaur ride for kids

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To meet the demands and requirements of many a part of customers, especially for meeting their kids entertainment in some playground and games, our factory is also embarking to produce dinosaur scooters, which will be normally smaller but safe, and mostly important, kids love it most as their fellows.


Riding dinosaur


The dinosaur scooters can apply to any type of dinosaurs, like T-Rex, Raptor and Kosmoceratops, and so on, which will be similar to the walking dinosaur rides, both of them can walk and ride, the control mode can be coin operated or remote control.


Walking dinosaur toy


But there are many different aspects, for example, the dinosaur scooters can be smaller, which leads to lower to 20-30cm in height, so the kids can be safe enough for all the ranging ages; and the usage time will be much longer to 6-8 hours, after charging to be full withtin 8 hours only; the speed is also faster than the walking dinosaur rides, because it is similar mechanism to the scooter inside, last but not least, the prices can be much cheap and favorable.


Dinosaur walk


More information about the products: Kosmoceratops dinosaur scooter

Size : L=1.5m~1.8m long
Weight : 30~40KG
Material : High quality steel, CE motor, high density sponge, silicone rubber
Speed: 120m/min(Optional)
Sound : 20~25 kinds of songs( can according different country language to make the music )
Color : Optional
Control mode : remote control /coin control
Power : 12V/20Ah storage battery, charge 8~10 hours, and last for 6~8 hours
Charger : one charger for each dinosaur scooter
Age group: 2~8 years old
Load: Maximum to 100KG
Warranty : 2 years
Advantage :
1.Customizing is supported
2.Fitful for indoor and outdoor
3.Easy to operate
Usage :
Kids playground, Supermarket, Family, Jurrasic park, Amusement park, theme park, outdoor and indoor playground, museum, movie center, squares or plazzas, carnival, festivals, shopping malls, garden decorations, etc.