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All crocodilians are large by modern reptilian standards


Sometimes a mammal victim escapes after one of its legs has been wrenched out of its socket. (Animatronic dinosaur for sale)Lions, cheetahs, and baby elephants have died this way. Not only Man but his domestic servants can be croc prey. A giant South Seas croc snagged a horse from an Australian farmyard and dragged it back to the billibog.

Although such furry big game are key elements of many bigcroc diets, most of the crocodilian clan subsist on less dramatic fare—fish of all kinds, aquatic turtles, swimming snakes, freshwater mollusks. (walking dinosaur costume)When just out of the egg, young 'gators and crocs hunt aquatic insects, frogs, and other humble game. Everywhere in tropical waterways the crocodilian ensemble—two dozen species— are by far the most important large semi-aquatic predators. All crocodilians are large by modern reptilian standards. None are as small as a Scottish otter, but adult size does vary from species to species. (realistic dinosaur costume)Giants among living species are the slender-snouted gavial of the Ganges and the estuarine crocodile of the Pacific shores. (lifelike animatronic dinosaur)In both, a big male can exceed twenty feet in length and half a ton in weight. Tiniest are the heavily armored West African dwarf crocodiles and dwarf caimans of South America. In one dwarf species, females probably breed at the tender young length of two and a half feet. But these dwarfs make up for their size with armor.

All crocs have bony plates, sheathed in horn, embedded in the deep skin layer, and in dwarfs the plates make an especially tight-fitting mosaic, a flexible cuirass for chest and back. What's this protection for? Tigers and jaguars do pounce on careless little crocodilians caught basking on the shore, but the chief hunters of any given crocodilian species are other crocodilians.

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