Adult walking with T-Rex costume for Christmas festival shows

hu, june Blog

Finally the t-rex costume is finished, and now is walking in the factory, it seemly can not wait for hunting the food, but fortunately our operators control it with the collar and chain on its neck, and lead it to only move around the factory, rather than burst into outside world, it will be dangerous, especially for the kids.




From this dinosaur costume beginning, we have improved some of the basical functions, like the legs to be made more upright, not twisting as before, this will let the costume look more realistic and scary, but without its owner, it will be lonely, such a big pity, so just come and take it if you are interested in one of them, it will be all in control only if you hold the chain on the neck, it will become your best friend ever, and walk with you no matter where you want to go.