Adult Puppet Realistic T-Rex Dinosaur Costume Hidden Legs For Sale

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To custom-made one hidden legs T-Rex costume, based on the original T-Rex model, especially completely to display the fierce and hemic traits, our company call in the most professional artist to restore the design(who invented the first T-Rex costume in 25 kg), now the finished T-Rex costume is emerging in the eyes of everyone, the top teeth, made from the silicon rubber, are covering the below completely, the head is much heavier and bigger, it is the character of the T-Rex, which make people are afraid of it.




Besides, the controversial legs problem is also been resolved well, the operate can easily to get inside, and the legs are covered well  by the hook and loop around the legs, for those kinds of high quality dinosaur costumes, we recommend to use the air case, it is more convenient to deliver from places to places, and will protected well.

Our company keeps much more stricter, no matter in the materials adopting, steel frames making, skin and textures building and the transportation, each step  in the dinosaurs manufacturing will ask for one specialist to guarantee the quality.


blueprint make dinosaur costumes


Special artist to draw the design, special welder to build the steel frame, technician to finish the electric wiring, special worker to handle with the skin and textures, special package and transportation to keep arrive on time with safety, special trade team to serve the clients, special after-sale team to be in charge of the following up.