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A giant duck-billed dinosaur from Zhucheng, Shandong Province


A giant duck-billed dinosaur from Zhucheng, Shandong Province

In 1964, when the IVPP team were excavatiing in Xinjiang, another team, from the Geological Museum of Beijing, animatronic dinosaur for sale working under the direction of Hu Cheng-zi discovered a new hadrosaur graveyard site at the Kukou valley in Zhucheng, Shandong Province. Forty tons of hadrosaur bones were collected from the Upper Cretaceous beds of the Wangshi Formation and belonged to three individuals. They were named Shantungosaurus giganteus by Chinese paleontologist Hu Cheng-zi in 1972. Three mounted skeletons of Shantungosaurus were separatly displayed in the Geology Museum of Beijing, Shandong Museum of the Jinan, and Zhucheng Dinosaur Museum in 1984. A neoceratopsian dinosaur from Jiaoxia of the Shandong Province was also collected around the same time, and referred to Protoceratops by Hu Cheng-zi ( Hu etal, 1986 ) .


Recently, animatronic animal an exploration team of the Zhucheng County of the Shandong Province found numerous dinosaur bone assemblages of hadrosaurs , tyrannosaurs , ankylosaurs , and ceratopsians at the Kukou area. As a consequence of these discverens, it has been decided to build a new dinosaur museum in this area.

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