A dinosaur quarry was discovered in Suhuntu

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A dinosaur quarry was discovered in Suhuntu

A dinosaur quarry was discovered in a small sedimentary lens of the Suhuntu Group. Eleven nearly complete ornithomimid skeletons were unearthed at the quarry. They belonged to juvenile and adult individuals ranging in length from 60 cm to almost 2.5 m. They were small, edentulous ( toothless ) theropods, with relatively long forearms and tails. Many well-rounded stomach stones ( gastroliths ) were found inside of their skeletons. These dinosaurs were social creatures, like plains-dwelling gazelles. Animatronic animal They fed on bushes scattered throughout the prehistoric plain. Drs. Y. Kobayashi and J. C. Lu studied the specimens and named them after the author of this book, Sinomithomimus dongi.


In the summer of 1998, we left the traditional dinosaur hunting ground in Southern Gobi of Mongolia and moved to die Big Lake area in Western Mongolia. The big Lake area is located at the east slope of the Altai Mountains, next to the Junggar Basin of Xinjiang in China. Exposures there were similar to those of Junggar Basin. Late Jurassic and Early Cretaceoxis continental sediments are present at Big Lake. Specimens of the pterosaur Dsungarpterus were collected from Early Cretaceous strata of this locality by the USSR paleontologists in the 70s of 20th century. This findings. were the reason for us to go to that region. We flew from Ulaan Bataar to Keibudou, an ancient and important town of Western Mongolia. This was the place where the Emperor of Qing Dynasty Kang-Xi crashed the rebellion of the Garrlan tribe in the 17th century. Keibudou is a gate to enter the Junggar Basin.


The expedition team explored Jurassic deposits at the big Lake area. Bones of a large sauropod were discovered in these deposits judging from skeletal features, this specimen may be referred to Mamenchisauridae. In addition, osteoderms and vertebrae of a primitive ankylosaur were found in beds of Middle Jurassic. All materials of dinosaurs found in Western Mongolia closely resemble specimens formerly collected in the Junggar Basin of Xinjiang, China.


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