2016 newly high-tech upgraded dinosaur T-Rex costume for sale

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Here attached one more photos of T-Rex costume, which will be prepared to be delivered to USA soon, and it is being in the process of skin-grafting after making the shape yesterday, it is worth to mention that the shape is manufactured according to model No. RDC-0118, but the color scheme is required to refer to the model of RDC-0121.

dinosaur suits (1)


It will be available to custom-made both the shape model and color scheme, so you will be the person to decide how will the dinosaur suit be look like in your expectation, and even add some more your personal ideas on the design, it is always allowed to apply for special effects.


dinosaur suits (2)


Newly improvements on walking dinosaur costumes to make the dinosaur costumes easier to control with flexible movements, such as the textures and stripes,  load-bearing balance and body proportion, bigger monitor for better viewing, integrated control box, seven kinds of sounds.