2015 Hot Animatronic Kiddies Walking Dinosaur Rides For Kids Rides

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The factory is producing a couple of walking dinosaur rides of Triceratops types, which are most adopted in the fields of walking dinosaurs, because it is convenient to design the walking movements with four legs, rather than the BBC walking T-Rex, it will be ask for high cost and more time consumption, besides, the Triceratops will be also with good appearance, the head will be like a umbrella with colorful paintings, foremost, it will be save enough for the kids riding with the chunky back.


Walking dinosaur rides


The back of the Triceratops will be designed with one open place, which will be used for putting the battery storage inside, when the power is running out, needing to charge the battery storage in time, normally we will supply the clients with one spare as the alternative, and the control mode is to use the steering wheel in front, then you can control the dinosaur to move forward and back, even with other directions as you like.


Walking dinosaur ride




  • bruce

    how much price for dinsoaur costume?

  • lovethee

    hello,how much?

  • fuland

    Hi there,
    I would like to enquire about buying or renting a dinosaur costume. pls can you let me know the details?

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