13m T-REX Animatronic Dinosaur Models Finished And Disassembled in Realdinosaur

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The T-Rex animatronic dinosaur is in sizes of 13m, with movements like head moving up and down, mouth open and close synchronized with realistic roaring sounds, eyes blinking, neck left to right, stomach breathing, tail swaying, which can be referred from the following link:


Normally dinosaurs over 8m will be needed to be disassembled into pieces, especially the dinosaur legs and tail, and we will send a installment team for installing on site, but the customer will install themselves, as it is already the second order on the dinosaur models for them, so they have known how to install and repair as well, in addition, we will share some of the instruction videos and photos for help.


To know more details if you are interested, just go ahead to contact our sales department: info@realdinosaur.com, reply will be within 12 hours.



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